I write stories for middle school and young adult readers, along with literary fiction for grownups.  As a writer, I have a keen interest in history, science and the natural world, and love when these subjects intersect, such as the history of scientific discoveries.

I grew up in the Central tablelands (an area, four hours drive east of Sydney, Australia) and went to university in Wagga Wagga. I now live in Melbourne. Melbourne is a very creative city, and I take an active part in city’s vibrant arts and poetry scene. I am fascinated by the colorful characters and have had short stories published in literary magazines that have been inspired by the artists striving for success.


Q: What is your favourite living animal?

I find it so hard to say something is my number 1 choice. The great thing about wildlife is its diversity. I will always have a special place in my heart though for the Tasmanian Devils of, where else, Tasmania. These stocky animals are one of the very few marsupial carnivores that have ever walked the earth. They are so cute, but you would lose a finger if you tried to pet one.

Q: What is your favourite creature from mythology?

Again, so hard to pick just one creature to talk about. And what I love about mythology is that there is no one definition of a creature. I think I will always come back to dragons. They can be small and fearsome like the one St George stabbed with his lance, or can be symbols of prosperity and good luck such as the dragons depicted in Chinese culture.

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